Translation tools English – German

General translation tools or general dictionaries often fail in case of thematic vocabulatory, especially in such small thematic fields like librarianship. How can you find special glossaries in this field? The biggest tool is (“Library glossary”):

“This glossary contains about 90,000 technical terms and abbreviations about libraries, books and data processing. It is intended to be a resource for librarians and other users.”

If not satisfied, there is another opportunity: The University of Bochum offers a “compendium of Anglo-German acquisitions terminology”:

“The idea for this work, not just a translation of individual works, but also of common phrases used in our day to day work, came about as we are increasingly asked for material which can be only sourced outside of the UK. While the majority of correspondence is carried out in English, it is useful for us to have to have translations of whole phrases to hand when it is not, and to be able to communicate in both languages where necessary.”

On third range, there is a PDF-based “Bibliothekssprachführer” (German-English compendium of library terms) on the server of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek München.


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