Japan. Please sustain the colleagues!

“A colleague of University Library in Tokyo drew the attention to this support list of Japanese libraries: http://www45.atwiki.jp/savelibrary/pages/41.html.

The exchange takes place most notably in Japanese, but there is also a corner for international colleagues, who don’t speak japanese. After the damage caused by earthquakes, tidal waves and radioactivity kind words from Germany and elsewhere are very welcome. Material help is not currently the subject as far as I know. It is doing well there, but noted that the international library community, there are possibly, alert, and is facing the threats. The list seems to be moderated.

Please note the time difference, Japan is [for Europe] six hours ahead. Who wants to write, so please send your message via e-mail. The address is arg.editor [at] gmail.com.”

[via inetbib]

Who wants to see pictures of damaged libraries, please see here: http://togetter.com/li/110567.


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