See: How German librarians communicate (not)

A colleague from Hannover, Mr Hauschke, resume his perspective of professional communication in librarianship in Germany in a swedish blog. In my opinion he forgets the various twittering librarians, much more than blogging german librarians. Its a network, that might be better than the single librarian bloggers. And also on facebook there are libriarans, which… Continue reading See: How German librarians communicate (not)

This Week in Libraries

Now, let me give this time not library news from Germany, but from the Netherlands: If you like videos and panel discussions, please try “this week in libraries” and have fun! The weekly published strip is in English, hosted on Vimeo. In the fourth edition of some American protagonists of Library 2.0 can be seen:… Continue reading This Week in Libraries

A visitor from U.S.A. at Leipzig LIS university for applied science

Dale S. Askey is Web Development Librarian of K-State Libraries in Kansas. At the moment, he is Visiting professor, electronic publishing and multimedia at the Hochschule für Wirtschaft, Technik und Kultur, Leipzig, Germany. Now he blogs at “Eintauchen” (= dunking) about his experiences in Germany and in german librarianship. But he still has relations to… Continue reading A visitor from U.S.A. at Leipzig LIS university for applied science

“Library Info Alert”

the fabilous librarian wrote about a monthly newsletter “Library Info Alert” of the U.S. general consulate in Frankfurt, a publication that “focuses on recent developments in the field of library science and information management in the United States. It contains summaries of articles from leading library-related periodicals and recommended Internet sites. The Library Info Alert… Continue reading “Library Info Alert”

General informations about german libraries

The “Goethe-Institut” in Munic is the german institution for external cultural relations. It presents at his homepage general informations about german libraries and the general themes of german librarianship. There you can find schedules of conferences, topics of professional discussion, dossiers (for example about digitalisation), information about projects and links.