“A rising number of actors in librarianship and its related fields are experimenting with Semantic Web technologies and Linked Open Data (LOD). The LOD cloud as a whole grew by 300% in 2010, whereas the amount of data relevant for libraries grew by nearly 1000%. For many, the question now arises how to integrate their… Continue reading SWIB11 SEMANTIC WEB IN LIBRARIES

This Week in Libraries

Now, let me give this time not library news from Germany, but from the Netherlands: If you like videos and panel discussions, please try “this week in libraries” and have fun! The weekly published strip is in English, hosted on Vimeo. In the fourth edition of some American protagonists of Library 2.0 can be seen:… Continue reading This Week in Libraries

German Librarians and Libraries are twittering

The use of Twitter, a well known microblogging service, spreads around the library 2.0 community in Germany. Several colleagues and libraries and even organizations are twittering about their work and leisure. So, if you are curious, what german librarians have to say in short, you can find an overview (still growing) at a page of… Continue reading German Librarians and Libraries are twittering

When Librarians Rule the World

At the end of february, Mary Ellen Bates gave a workshop for the Initiative Fortbildung in Berlin. Bates provides business research to business professionals, and consulting and training services to the information industry and gives several high quality resources about online research at her homepage Bates Info, especially the famous newsletter “Tip of the Month”.… Continue reading When Librarians Rule the World