Portals to the Past and to the Future : Libraries in Germany

Fourth revised and extended English edition of “Portals to the Past and to the Future” by Jürgen Seefeldt and Ludger Syré, now in its fifth German edition, is an in-depth state-of-the art report on current German librarianship. Lavishly illustrated, the book traces the history of libraries in Germany, portrays the various types of library and… Continue reading Portals to the Past and to the Future : Libraries in Germany

See: How German librarians communicate (not)

A colleague from Hannover, Mr Hauschke, resume his perspective of professional communication in librarianship in Germany in a swedish blog. In my opinion he forgets the various twittering librarians, much more than blogging german librarians. Its a network, that might be better than the single librarian bloggers. And also on facebook there are libriarans, which… Continue reading See: How German librarians communicate (not)

Research Explorer – database about institutions in Germany

Are you searching for scientific institutions in Germany? Now the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and Deutscher Akademischer Auslandsdienst (DAAD) have introduced a database of scientific institutiones in Germany with the title Research Explorer. Search is very easy,  with either subject or geographic or combined search.

DBS – German Library Statistics

The “Deutsche Bibliotheksstatistik (DBS)” – German Library Statistics is a data collection of 9.000 german libraries since 1974. Bruno Bauer, a librarian from Vienna, interviewed Ronald M. Schmidt, sustainer of the database at hbz, the regional academic library centre of Nordrhein-Westfalen (federal state of Germany). In the weblog medinfo you can find an abstract of… Continue reading DBS – German Library Statistics