“Checkliste” No. 32: Setting up a Library

The Commission for One-Person Librarians of the German librarian and information professional association BIB (“Berufsverband Information Bibliothek) published the first “checklist” in English. 31 working papers are yet published in German. Its a translation form Martha Baker of Anthea J. Merkles checklist, published in German in 2004, about setting up a one-person library. From the… Continue reading “Checkliste” No. 32: Setting up a Library

Japan. Please sustain the colleagues!

“A colleague of University Library in Tokyo drew the attention to this support list of Japanese libraries: http://www45.atwiki.jp/savelibrary/pages/41.html. The exchange takes place most notably in Japanese, but there is also a corner for international colleagues, who don’t speak japanese. After the damage caused by earthquakes, tidal waves and radioactivity kind words from Germany and elsewhere… Continue reading Japan. Please sustain the colleagues!