German library ranking – the BIX

Its now for the tenth year, that the library ranking for Germany is made for the Public Libraries and the sixth, that Scientific Libraries are ranked. The Label of this ranking is “Bibliotheksindex” or BIX, an its a instrument, that is made on the fundament of many indicators. The libraries are sorted in types (relating… Continue reading German library ranking – the BIX

DBS – German Library Statistics

The “Deutsche Bibliotheksstatistik (DBS)” – German Library Statistics is a data collection of 9.000 german libraries since 1974. Bruno Bauer, a librarian from Vienna, interviewed Ronald M. Schmidt, sustainer of the database at hbz, the regional academic library centre of Nordrhein-Westfalen (federal state of Germany). In the weblog medinfo you can find an abstract of… Continue reading DBS – German Library Statistics